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23 November 2021
Inclusive Business Forum 2021 | Virtual

Calls to Action


Would you like to participate in online workshops focused on specific Calls to Actions to accelerate inclusive and sustainable initiatives with developing markets? This is the most action-oriented part of the event where you either get to participate in a workshop to share experiences, ideas and collaborate with actors from around the world. 


Call to Action 1: Women Empowerment and Digital Solutions in Clean Energy Value Chains

    Women are the main consumers of energy. However, they are not engaged in value chains, and therefore missing out on opportunities for employment and decision-making.

    Raising Gabdho Foundation (RGF), an Ugandan based social enterprise, is working to accelerate access to clean energy. RGF is testing the use of technology to develop an inclusive clean energy value chain.

    In this C2A, RGF will present a digital solution, developed to address the gender gaps in the clean energy sector.

    Call to Action 2: Customer Driven Agility to Adapt and Future Proof your Business

    How can we use customer insights to quickly adapt and pivot business to meet new challenges?

    Uzima Chicken is an Ugandan-based poultry social business that supports smallholder farmers to become healthier and wealthier. Uzima has successfully imported and adapted their business model from other countries to an Ugandan context and are now scaling.

    In this workshop, Uzima will explore how they achieved this by closely listening to their customers, embracing a willingness to adapt to suit customer’s needs, and aligning profit-generating incentives along the value chain.

    Call to Action 3: Supply Chains that Enable Sustainable and Productive Forests

      Every year, 13 million hectares of forests are lost, putting humans, biodiversity and ecosystems at risk. At the same time the climate urgency raises the need to use bio based materials in products, replacing fossil based material. How can we balance the need for bio based materials with a sustainable forestry, and scale up sustainable solutions?

      Icebug, the Swedish foot-wear brand, is sourcing FSC certified natural rubber for footwear soles. During this C2A, Icebug and FSC will present their case study on co-creating the first FSC-certified Natural Rubber Value Chain in Thailand, inviting other footwear brands to increase the demand. Then they will explore the critical factors needed in managing forests and using forest-based resources in a sustainable way.

      Call to Action 4: Regenerative Sanitation - Future Proofing the Agri Value Chain

      How can we better integrate local independent water, sanitation and agriculture activities to co-create community-led regenerative systems?

      In order to co-develop a regenerative WASH system that creates economic, environmental and social value at a community level, MAD and Inclusive Business Sweden along with a constellation of engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, activists, community leaders and visionaries across Sweden and Uganda are pooling in resources, exchanging knowledge and co-developing solution. They invite you to join in an interactive session to push thinking to the next level as they collectively explore how a community-led regenerative system could future-proof the agri value chain.

      Call to Action 5: Building Partnerships between Universities and SMEs for Sustainable Solutions in African Markets

      Collaborations between university partners and SMEs across institutional boundaries are needed to create sustainable, commercial solutions in the African continent.

      For this C2A, Access to Innovation wishes to identify partners who will join this endeavour and who can actively contribute with experience and visions for how to improve such collaborations within sustainable energy, health & sanitation as well as sustainable agribusiness.

      The C2A will be an opportunity to meet like-minded actors from the private sector and academia and kick-start a collaboration for the development of hands-on partnerships between Nordic universities and SMEs.

      Call to Action 6: Female Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Change, Creativity and Innovation

      This C2A is hosted by EWA – the East West & African Women Initiatives Forum - a global women’s forum with the aim of developing and strengthening women's self-empowerment and their potential as productive entrepreneurs and citizens.


      Call to Action 7: Dragons’ Den for Inclusive Ventures Businesses (open for investors only)


      Call to Action 8: Dragons’ Den for Innovations Against Poverty Businesses (open for investors only)



        Would you like to host your own Call to Action workshop? 

        Members of Inclusive Business Sweden have the opportunity to host a workshop with global participants at this event. Contact us at events@inclusivebusiness.se with more info on the impactful workshop you would like to host and/or for more info about membership.

        Join the online CtA workshops here on November 23rd from 12:30 -14:00 Central European Time (please note that you have to be logged in).

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