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5 November 2020
9:30 - 16:30 Central European Time
Inclusive Business Forum 2020 | Virtual


Would you like to showcase your inclusive business, offering or initiative in developing markets? On the Marketplace, participants will be able to publish their offers and find out about opportunites from other Forum participants.

What you'll get:

  • A chance to showcase your organisation and offer to businesses, investors and organisations from around the world.
  • Goal-oriented networking where Forum participants can send direct messages and request 1:1 meetings in response to your offer.
  • Find out about inclusive business opportunities and connect with potential partners.

How to take part:

  • To publish your profile, select Marketplace ticket when registering – 30 EUR or free of charge for members of Inclusive Business Sweden (link here to our partners page).
  • Create an in-depth profile about the offer you want to showcase - the sooner you do this the better! We reserve the right to remove profiles that do not align with the purpose of the event.
  • Once published, your profile will be available at the IBF 2020 event page for other participants to see before, during and after the event.


  • Create a strong presentation with engaging and detailed information. High quality profiles are visited more often and are more likely to get responses from other participants.
  • Make sure your offer aligns with the theme of the event and is attractive for other participants. We reserve the rights to reject profiles that do not align with the event.
  • Write a marketplace profile for each offer/request.
  • We strongly recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your bowser, as there are some display issues with Internet Explorer.


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9:30 - 16:30 Central European Time

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Albania 1
Algeria 1
Argentina 1
Austria 1
Bangladesh 8
Belgium 4
Benin 1
Bolivia 1
Botswana 1
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 1
Cameroon 1
Canada 3
Colombia 1
Denmark 5
Egypt 1
Ethiopia 1
Finland 1
Germany 6
Ghana 7
Greece 1
Grenada 1
Guatemala 1
Guinea 1
Honduras 1
India 2
Indonesia 1
Israel 4
Italy 1
Kenya 17
North Macedonia 1
Madagascar 1
Malaysia 2
Netherlands 3
Nigeria 16
Pakistan 1
Philippines 2
Portugal 1
Rwanda 2
Sierra Leone 1
Somalia 1
South Africa 1
Spain 4
Sweden 116
Tanzania, United Republic Of 3
Thailand 2
Togo 1
Tunisia 1
Uganda 5
United Kingdom 3
United States 8
Zambia 4
Total 256